The Sharpshooter Fires from the Shoulder

Become a sharpshooter with the DSLR shoulder mounted support system from Digital Juice. As far as giving you a professional and impressive look, few pieces ofequipmentwill give you that better than a shoulder mounted camera. The Sharpshooter is what Digital Juice call’s an entry-level rig that’s really set to be customized like the expert rigs you’ll find elsewhere. Four bars with a shoulder pad, matte box, follow focus, and a handful of smaller pieces make up the adjustable and versatile system that is suitable for the majority of cameras that you might use.

The 15mm rails are a common size and should make it simple to add moreequipment.One piece that makes a welcome addition is the follow focus, these gears are so often only found on the highest-level production rigs, and Digital Juice makes it very attractive to get your hands on. With standard 1/4-inch-20 thread mounts the Sharpshooter should attach to a tripod quite easily. This may be where you get the most use from it since there appears to be no counterweights for shoulder mounting. The three-sided matte box is adjustable to different heights and saves space and weight by only having top and side flags.

What can be done with all these pieces of video equipment? Try starting with exact an rack focus. Look to the matte box for easy resistance of glare and unwanted light. Thankfully the whole rig can go from your shoulder to tripod very simply, without having to move all the extra equipment.

With the 12-piece set put together it should be 3.6lbs., so the Sharpshooter won’t be a huge weight on your shoulders. Whether you get this video equipment for the retail price of $700 or Digital Juice’s dropped price of $339, there are few if any other shoulder mount rigs with the type of feature offerings and price as the Sharpshooter.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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