Sennheiser SKP 300 G3 Calls a Signal in for Your XLR Cables

The Sennheiser SKP 300 G3 is a plug on transmitter that has the power to take your pro XLR microphone and replace the cable with a wireless signal. The device is a solid little attachment with metal casing, a screw-tightening XLR connector and flush sides despite a digital display and battery hatch.

With up/down arrows and a set button, the SKP 300 G3 is very easy to navigate and control. The frequency range is558-516MHz with memory of numerous presets, so there’s a lot of options for finding an uninterruptible signal. There is even the option of naming the device, in case your performers like to get close with the mic.

The option for managing audio gain with the transmitter is limited to increments of 6dB so you’ll still be depending on audio adjustments elsewhere. Of course if your subjects like to have control of their own mic, a mute switch is found just to the left of the power button. Also among the controls found in the menus of theSKP 300 G3 areLCD contrast (as if navigating the menu needed to be easier) and48V phantom power for those cry-your-heart-out sensitive condenser mics.

When you need good audio for any video shoot, you’ll need a good mic, and generally it requires a little more than just a mic, as is the case here. Though you may lose the XLR cables, you’ll still need some 1/8-inch cables for a receiver such as the EK 100 G3, as well as a recording device. So after the transmitter, XLR mic, and recorder or camera, the price of $530 is going to put theSKP 300 G3 out of range for many, but with versatility comes value, so with enough use you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Our handling of theSKP 300 G3 transmitter leads us to believe that the device is very dependable, provided that you’re able to enjoy the same direction installation of AA batteries as recently noted by Jon Dayton founder of Smart to Noise Ratio.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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