Director Tony Scott Dead at 68

All of us at Videomaker were extremely saddened to hear about the death ofTony Scott. He was an accomplished director and producer, and brought us many memorable moments on the big screen. His body of work includesTrue Romance,Enemy of the State,Crimson Tide, andThe Last Boy Scout, just to name a few. Looking at his long list of film credits, the one that really stands out to me isTop Gun. Say what you will about Hollywood blockbusters. They can be formulaic, predictable, and the good guy almost always wins, but there's a reason for that. Sometimes people go to the movies to experience an artistic piece of work, or to delve deep into an intense story. However, many times people just want to be entertained and have some fun.Top Gunhad the perfect recipe to fit that bill, and Tony Scott handled it masterfully. Who doesn't picture the high octane jet scenes when they hear Kenny Loggins of all people sing Highway to the Danger Zone? And if I say negative ghost rider, the pattern is full, almost anyone can immediately identify it as a classic line from the movie. Or what about I feel the need… the need for speed! I know these lines aren't exactly high-brow moments in cinema, but Tony Scott managed to take what could have easily been a throwaway movie and somehow melded it into a great movie with action, heart, and humor. The Last Boy Scout and Enemy of the State fall right into that category as well. Tony Scott could be spotted on set or walking the red carpet with his trademark faded red baseball cap that he wore constantly. It's truly a loss for his family, friends, and movie fans around the world. He will be missed.

Greg is a Media Production Specialist for Chico State University.