Take a Ride with Hammacher Schlemmer’s Roadtrip Video Recorder

By Teresa Echazabal

In the market for a fun new toy? Leave it to Hammacher Schlemmer to come up with a really cool one. It's called The Roadtrip Video Recorder. It is a video camera that attaches to your car window or dashboard thereby providing hands-free video recordings while you travel. The way it works is a suction cup mounts the camera safely and securely onto your car's window or dashboard, so all you have to do is set it and forget it. No need to hold the camera or point straight ahead.

As for the camera itself, it records 640×480 color video, has a lens with a 120 degree viewing angle and an 8X zoom. There is also a built-in motion detector that will automatically start the recording whenever it senses that your car is moving. Now, how smart is that?!A 2.4 LCD viewfinder rotates 270 degrees providing different ways for travelers to see what is being recorded while it's being recorded. It also has four infrared LEDs that -come in handy for when traveling and recording at night. The video files that are recorded are in AVI format. They are stored in a 2 GB SD card, which is included with the camera. And if you are planning a really long trip, The Roadtrip Video Recorder will support up to a 32 GB SD card which will store up to three hours of your awesome video journeys. The camera comes with a battery that will last up to two hours and it charges via the car's outlet.And as if that's not enough,

The Roadtrip Video Recorder can also capture still images. Priced at $129.95, Hammacher Schlemmer will start shipping The Roadtrip Video Recorder on June 30, 2012. And as with all Hammacher Schlemmer products, The Roadtrip Video Recorder comes with a free lifetime guarantee. How many things can you say that about?

Teresa Echazabal is a freelance video editor, writer, and producer.

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