Samsung EX2F Means Extra Features and DSLR Competition

[image:blog_post:12718] Samsung bolsters it camera offerings with the EX2F, a great go-between for those looking for professional creativity with photos and video. The EX2F has a f/1.4 24mm lens and a 1/1.7 -inch 12 MP sensor. These combine to capture more light than f/2.8 lenses and the greater-than-half-an-inch sensor is a huge step up among cameras. With the emphasis on low light performance it's no wonder Samsung included a dial to bring aperture and shutter priorities forward. These manual controls are typically featured on professional cameras, so you may also love to know that the body is constructed from magnesium.

Versatility comes in the form of the 3-inch, swiveling AMOLED screen and the built in neutral density filter. You'll be able to shoot from many different angles, and easily monitor your shot, as well as deal with plenty of outdoor lighting conditions. There is both optical and digital image stabilization to help you steady the shot and as long as you keep good technique, you'll be able to use the 3.3x optical zoom to the fullest extent.

Samsung's EX2F also comes with a pair of conveniences in its SMART Wi-Fi capability and ability to snap 12MP photos during video recording. Through the wireless connection you'll have the option of controlling the camera with a smartphone, and you'll have the option to use the phone as an even more versatile monitor. The video does come in with a simple option, 1080 size video at 30p filed away to your SD card through H.264. Since you may want to playback these movies, look to the HDMIon your 60-inch TV (or some other device that'll accept HDMI) and A/V outputs.

Our biggest complaints without giving the EX2F some fair handling is the lack of ability to record at other resolutions and frame rates, 24p would've been nice. As for the lens, we might need a little more zoom, as the fixed lens will be useful in many, but not all situations. Ultimately, it'll come down to where the cost places the EX2F, in consumer pockets or in the hands of DSLR trainees? The capabilities of this camera are not to be underestimated, so we look forward to seeing them in August for $499.The press release can show you more.

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