Pro Gear Highlight: Tiffen Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod With FM18 Head

Tripods are one of the most traditional camera stability equipment used by professional videographers. Their portability, ease of use and wide array of applications have made them a versatile tool. Tiffen Davis & Sanford with their All Terrain Pod and FM18 fluid head have incorporated modern materials and techniques to make this traditional piece of equipment even better.

Features: The tripod has been constructed with anodized aluminum and stainless steel which make it strong, durable and easy to maintain. These materials are resistant to the effects of adverse field conditions be it moisture, extreme colds or even dirt. A central shaft supports the head attachment. It also ties together each leg of the tripod and can be adjusted in height to allow for either high or low shots. Using flip knobs, the legs are locked in position. Each leg of the tripod is covered with foam that serves as a grip and insulates the legs thermally. Compared to conventional tripods, the foot of each leg has been made flat and pointed as opposed to spikes. Thus the weight is spread over a larger area and the tripod attains better stability even on lose soil.The FM18 is a fluid head designed for smooth camera panning and tilting motions. It is equipped with a level bubble for quick and precise leveling of the tripod. A quick release plate allows for adjustments to be made to the weight balance. Locking mechanism is provided for tilting and panning. Using separate knobs, the amount of friction during the pan and tilt motions of the head can be modified according to the users requirement. Panning can be obtained in a full circle and the camera can be tilted vertically up or down providing a variety of different camera angles without having to change the position of the tripod.

Specifications: Tripod – Maximum height 61 inches – Minimum height 23 inches – Folded length 31 inches – Center post Self-locking geared mechanism post, 35 millimeter in diameter and 20 inches in height – Leg dimensions rectangular shape, 38 x 19 millimeters in cross-section – Weight capacity 35 pounds – Self weight 7 pounds

FM18 Head – Head movement 90 degrees up and 90 degrees down tilt. 360 degrees pan – Size 3.75 x 3.25 inches platform – Weight capacity 18 pounds – Self weight 4 pounds

Price: $ 279.99

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