Pro Gear Highlight: Lowel V-Light

The Lowel V-Light is a small yet powerful lighting system that can be used for a variety of studio lighting applications. It can be used as a direct light source, as secondary source to fill up the shadows or to supplement the ambient and background light.

The light source is a tungsten-halogen lamp that emits a 3200 Kelvin color temperature light. There are two reflective doors that can be opened and closed vertically. This movement determines the vertical spread of the beam and also affects its intensity. The light is most intense when the doors are at 75 degrees apart. At 180 degrees apart, the doors provide highest vertical spread of the light. A couple of metal restrictors are provided at both ends of the fixture to prevent the doors from being closed more than the safe limits for the device. Each door is insulated at one end to allow adjustment of the doors without having to touch their hot surface. Controls are also provided to direct the beam vertically. With the help of two knobs, one on the fixture and other on the mount, the beam angle can be set. The fixture is also compact in design. It can be folded into a small, portable size with great ease. The reflective doors are designed to swing all the way back and the mount can be swung forward, making it easier to store or carry. The lamp is covered by a glass tube. This tube serves as a protective shield for the lamp during both operation and transportation. A number of accessories are available that can be used to soften the intensity and adjust the beam spread. These include umbrellas, gel-frames and gels, flags and clip-on reflective doors.

– Size (closed) 7.3 x 7.3x 1.3 inches (18.5 x 18.5 x 3.3 centimeters)
– Weight 1.5 pounds (680 grams) with cable
– Power rating 500 watts
– Voltage 120 or 240/250 volts (with 4.2 amperes as maximum draw at 120 volts)
– Lamp life 100 hours
– Intensity of 120 volt lamp at 10 foot distance 43 foot-candle (doors at normal) and 25 foot-candle (doors at 180 degrees)
– Intensity of 240/250 volt lamp at 10 foot distance 37 foot-candle (doors at normal) and 20 foot-candle (doors at 180 degrees)

Information and specifications Price: $ 220.00

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