How to: Directing & Pre-Production Training DVD now Available

CHICO, CA Videomakermagazine has released a new training DVD to help aspiring movie directors master their craft and make better films and videos. How to: Directing and Pre-Production is a complete resource for any director who wants to understand how their early decisions, even before the camera starts rolling, are vital to the success of his movie.

The director has the hardest job on set — he has to coax stellar performances from an entire cast of actors, while keeping his behind-the-scenes crew under control and on the ball. He has to make all the decisions about every aspect of the movie — from scripting to lighting to sound — and he has to make sure he does it all under budget. How can a director keep track of it all? This complete training DVD will show all the tricks that a director needs to make sure his production never leaves his control. It’s an essential must-have for the beginning or prosumer director.

This comprehensive training DVD includes helpful advice on:

  • How to Break Down a Script – We’ll show you how to “read between the lines” to turn scripted words on paper into compelling footage. Learn how to flesh out your characters and discover the story of your next great production.
  • How to Cast a Production – You want to cast the best possible actors in your video. How do you choose the best? We’ll show you some tips for drawing out an actor’s potential during the audition process, so you’ll be able to tell when you’ve found the right man or woman for the job.
  • How to Organize a Shoot – This segment will show how to put together a storyboard so that your actors know where to stand and your camera crew knows where to shoot. We’ll also show you how to manage a production schedule so that your shoot doesn’t run wild without you!
  • How to Block Shots – You need to make sure that your actors are in the right position or they’ll look like they’re talking to thin air instead of each other. You need a little thing called “blocking,” and it’s an important step in determining the direction of your shoot.
  • How to Get Good Performances – Even a great actor can only give a performance as good as his or her director, so it will be up to you to make sure that you’re giving them the direction that will bring out their best work.
  • How to Manage a Crew – The crew is just as vital as the actors. You’re going to have to keep them in check to keep your production moving efficiently. Here’s how!

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