Headphones from Panasonic RP-HC200 Bring You the Right Noise

Erik Aguilar Looking for noise canceling headphones for your video or disc jockey event or just simply want to isolate yourself and enjoy your favorite tunes in some busy metropolitan traffic while riding the bus or subway? Well, the Panasonic RP-HC200 noise canceling headphones might be just right when the noise pollution is getting to you. We tested the RP-HC200 in different environments with variousnoisegathering gadgets and they are absolutely effective at reducing background noise. For instance, we tested the headphones on a busy highway outside our office with a consumer video camera and an audio radio device; and indeed the crisp sound stayed audible both with and without the noise canceling.

Let us mention that the RP-HC200 will need a single AAA battery for thenoise cancelingto work, yet its not necessary since the headphones feature lownoisefrequency earpads which automatically adsorb some of the outsidenoise. Adding the AAA battery can take couple of minutes since the battery compartment is part of the headphones and feels fragile when trying to open it. Nonetheless, dont forget to turn off the noise canceling after usage, because even though a single battery should last 60 hours, you will be replacing the AAA battery sooner than you want if not used properly. Two attractive features that the RP-HC200 includes are the swivel mechanism for the earpads and the airline plug adaptor, which can be handy for certain situations.

According to shop.panasonic.com, the MSRP for this cool gadget is $80 and with the economy on the rocks, a sale makes this is an excellent price for the quality sound and noise reduction you will receive. The studio headphones come in four different colors: yellow, forest light green, light gray and black. Although the RP-HC200 is bulky, a soft cloth carrying pouch is included so you can take them anywhere without an issue.

A word of caution, cutting our background noise can be dangerous: Dont use the RP-HC200 when driving a motor vehicle due to the danger it can cause by the complacency that might occur in certain situations. Also, if you are listening and walking in a busy environment please remember to keep aware of your surroundings since noise can alert you to someirresponsible drivers and pedestrians may not be their priority.

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