CameraRibbon Rig D Lets You Wrap Up the Action

By Erik Aguilar

Having the right equipment for the job can let you be stress-free in a long video recording day. With this in mind, it is vital to have the tool that can help prevent shakiness while capturing hand-held video with a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) and the CameraRibbon Rig D is the tool to have while recording any type of job.

The CameraRibbon Rig D is designed for compatible cameras such as Canon's EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, Nikon's D800 and other similar DSLR cameras. The CameraRibbon Rig D is a light-weight gadget and is easy to control and maneuver; nonetheless, keep in mind that some weight will increase when the quick release adapter plate and the camera body and lens are attached. We first mounted a EOS 5D Mark III with the attachment knob and then with the quick release adapter plate, which came with our review model, and analyzed and tested for 30 minutes in an indoors and outdoors environment, and the stability was superb.

The Rig D wave shape makes recording steady and the shoulder support pad made it simple to handle for the shoulder; however, it was a bit uncomfortable and tiring holding the Rig D with one arm after 10 minutes. We closely followed the instructional video that is posted on; however, we are not sure if more practice is needed for it to feel more comfortable during a shoot yet we had to switch arms constantly. Instead of attaching the DSLR with the attachment knob, which takes more time, the Rig D can come with a quick release adapter plate. It is a great tool to use and can be helpful in case the DSLR needs to be switch to a tripod at any point during a hectic time.

We can be sure this product is ideal for those videographers that need more flexibility during recording. The price tag for the CameraRibbon Rig D can be discouraging for some individuals who have a tight budget. The price is $350 at; however, the results are very steady and the Rig D can be comfortably used for any video event.

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