Avid Announces the Release of Avid DS 11

It's easy to blame amateur equipment for the amateur look of a project when you're a beginner. Many of us play the hand we're dealt when it comes to producing video. We use the camera we can afford, and we make the best of the editing system we have. We're no strangers to using workarounds to perform even the most basic tasks. Some might say this builds character, and they're probably right. But as your skills increase, and your equipment begins to limit your creativity, you'll eventually need to spring for something better. So for those of you that are frustrated by your edit workflow and ready to make the leap to the next level, Avid DS 11 has arrived.

Simply put, this system has the editing, compositing, painting, conforming, and finishing tools you need to create high-end projects with speed and precision, and it's all in one package. So what's the big deal? How about a resolution independent canvas for easy creation and manipulation of motion graphics. Or the ability to cycle through the wide array of blending modes directly in the timeline with one keystroke? Plus, with support for Avid Artist color and Avid Artist Transport control surfaces,you can perform hands-on color correction and editing with amazing precision. That's right, ditch the mouse and experience the tactile satisfaction of these beautiful interfaces.

These are just a few of the features you'll find in Avid DS 11, but it's little touches like these that will have editors excited to dive in to see what the program is capable of.[image:blog_post:12720] If you're tired of bouncing between programs, and purchasing third party plug-ins just to get the basic job done, Avid DS 11 has you covered. The software only version is available for $9,999 USD for those with the right system specs, or as a turnkey hardware/software system for an additional cost. Either way, it's a streamlined way to raise your game to a professional level.

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