Webinar Wednesday – June 27: The Art of Titles and Graphics

Movie titles, lower thirds and video bugs are a great way to add a professional element to your videos, brand your product, and enhance the viewers experience through additional information. However, if not done properly, titles and graphics can have the opposite effect, resulting in your video being labeled as the work of an amateur. Videomakers The Art of Titles and Graphics Webinar will help you design titles and graphics that will increase the effectiveness of your message while adding value to your production.

In our webinar, we will cover purpose, design and placement, as well as mistakes to avoid. You will learn how to create great-looking titles and graphics that are clean and professional. Following the webinar, all registrants will receive a copy of a special report. In addition to valuable information and the free special report, The Art of Title and Graphics Webinar will also include a live Q&A segment; our team answering your questions.

The Art of Title and Graphics Webinar starts at 11:00 AM (PDT) on Wednesday, June 27, so be sure to sign up soon! Not interested in The Art of Titles and Graphics?Videomakers Webinar Training Series provides a wide variety of webinars that cover topics including Advanced Editing, Documentary Production, Lighting for Video, Advanced Shooting, Audio for Video, and much more.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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