Viddy Seeks to be the Instagram of Video

By Steve Everson

Since the dawn of mankind, we've had an evolving need for sharing stories and experiences. Hand gestures, spoken words, hieroglyphics, writing, printing, mail service, telephone, radio, television, internet, social networking, online video service, instagram and now, social video. Recently, you may have noticed more and more videos shares appearing in your Facebook or Twitter feeds that require you to sign-up for their service before viewing. One of the leaders of the movement is Viddy. Viddy is a video sharing service that operates directly from a smartphone with the ability to share directly to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Smartphone only? Yep. You heard it right. Currently, Viddy is only available for Iphone. When you sign up for Viddy, you download their app from Itunes Store. Essentially, it records like a regular video app, but Viddy then allows you to give your videos looks very similar to those you would find on the photo app, Instagram. With those looks, you can then decide how much or how little you want the effect to appear. Some of these effects range from Exposed, Vintage, Black and White and they have some custom looks created by musical artists like Snoop Dogg's smoke effect. The app also offers your the option to apply music to your videos. The music can be mixed with the audio that you recorded with a simple adjustment slider. The app itself if pretty fun to play with and if you like to share videos with your friends, you might find it very useful.

Some of the downsides that I have noticed, you have to be aware that your videos will appear openly on the Viddy website without the option for privacy. Another downside is if you signup through Facebook or Twitter your videos will default to auto-sharing on their sites. You do have the option turn it off which is a plus. Another huge downside is, as I stated earlier, that it is iPhone only, which leaves Android users out. Although, I image they are hard at work on this and it will be available soon.

Steve Everson is a filmmaker and graphic designer in Los Angeles, Ca.

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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