Pro Gear Highlight: Miller MINI Tripod

Traditional tripods may be adequate for most field applications requiring camera stability. But for certain situations, these cannot be used. Examples are when filming in cramped locations or filming shots that require camera to be at a low height. Miller, which has been designing filming equipment since 1954, has come up with their innovative MINI tripod to cater to these requirements of video and photographing professionals. The MINI tripod is basically a miniature version of the traditional tripod. It utilizes the advantages of a small size without compromising with the stability a tripod needs to provide.

Features: The tripod is two-stage miniature camera support equipment. Two-stages allow more precise set up of shooting angles. Clamps are provided instead of screws to secure and unsecure the legs quickly while adjustments are being made to individual leg heights. The height of the tripod can be varied by 10 inches (25.4cm) facilitating a wide variety of low profile shots. The legs of the tripod are made from alloy tubes which make the tripod light in weight yet sturdy enough to support a camera of about 50 pounds (22.7kg).

Accessories Included: The tripod folds up into a compact size. It can be packed in the carry case provided for safe and convenient transportation from one location to another. Also included is a ground spreader for the tripod. The camera operator no longer needs to readjust the tripod legs after changing its location. This accessory is designed to grant mobility to the tripod similar to a dolly, while maintaining the distance of the legs relative to one another. Each 4.9-inch (125mm) wheel can be locked independently. This ability can be exploited to swing the tripod with one wheel locked. All this adds to the versatility of the MINI tripod.

-Transport Length 13.8 inches (350 millimeters)
-Height Minimum 9.8 inches (250 millimeters) and Maximum 20.5 inches (520 millimeters)
– Weight Capacity 55.1 pounds (25.0 kilograms)
– Bowl Diameter 3.9 inches (100 millimeters) and Weight 6.2 pounds (2.8 kilograms) Miller MINI Tripod
– Price: $1,020

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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