Pro Gear Highlight: Anton Bauer UltraDAYlight

Good lighting can make the difference between a good result and a great result. Carrying additional lighting systems reduces the mobility of the crew and takes time. Portable lighting fixtures address these issues and provide both good lighting and mobility.

The UltraDAYlight by Anton Bauer is one such fixture. As the name implies, the UltraDAYlight is a 5600 Kelvin (daylight color) lighting fixture. The fixture is basically a head module for the Anton Bauers Ultralight or Ultralight 2 base. The base supports a variety of head modules like tungsten color lights, daylight color lights and LED lights, each module serving a different purpose in the studio. The base is designed to allow quick and easy switching from one type of head module to another without the need of any additional cables and tools.

Key Features: The UltraDAYlight is not a standalone system; it requires the Ultralight base. At the heart of the system is a 25 watts mercury vapor based HMI light source that produces a 5600 Kelvin light with an intensity of 350 foot-candles. The UltraDAYlight is efficient, lightweight and compact in design. The Ultralight base allows it to be mounted on a camera and is powered by the camera battery. This eliminates the need to carry additional lights along with the camera.

Optional Accessories:
Although the accessories are optional, they add versatility to the UltraDAYlight and broaden the field of applications for the fixture.
– Ultralight Gel Frame to house gel kits required to alter the color of the light output
– Ultralight Gel Kit includes most commonly used gel to alter the color
– Ultralight Soft Box to reduce the light intensity. This accessory is highly recommended by the manufacturer when using the UltraDAYlight

– Size 5.6 x 2.22 x 2.62 inches (14.22 x 5.64 x 6.65 centimeters)
– Weight 0.8 pounds (0.4 kilograms)
– Operating Voltage Range 14 to 17 volts

Information and specifications
Price: $ 849.00 (The product is not for sale in EU due to CE regulations as per the manufacturer) [image:blog_post:12764]

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
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