Keeping your Gear Water Safe

It's summertime and that means fun in the sun and near the water. But water and electronic devices dont mix so what are you to do? Many of us are lost if were not tethered to our smartphone and connectivity doesn't always have to stop just because the conditions get wet. Shooting outdoors and near water can be done – if you protect your gear! We've all done it dropped some electronic device in a pool of water, laid it on a wet (or soon to be wet) surface, or left it in a pocket right before getting drenched. OK. Maybe we ALL haven't done it but Ive done all three, and have paid the price with having to buy new, or deal with the over-priced insurance issues (and then the wait for the replacement). Either way its not fun, so I found a couple solutions you might want to check out to assure your have a fun summer by the water without getting soaked with electronic replacement costs.

Check out DryCASE offering a waterproof case for phones, tablets, cameras and all sorts of other small electronic devices that water can wreck havoc upon. Most of the products from DryCASE are set to be waterproof up to 100 feet and besides this baggie they offer a waterproof backpack good for traveling in the Wild. These cases wont help these dumb moves because we wouldnt have our devices enclosed in a case like this every time we take it with us but for those times we can plan ahead, like when on a canoe trip or going to the beach and we have to make that decision to take it or leave it behind, a waterproof case might be just the ticket. So, what if you want a more permanent solution?

We saw this product at CES this year and found it interesting Liquipel. Its a spray-coating that protects both the exterior and interior of selected models of smartphones from damage from water. Currently Liguipel can protect most Apple iPhones along with some HTC, T-Mobile, Droids and more check their site for more details. Liquipel says the coating can't be detected, won't mar your visual ability and costs around $60 per device which is MUCH cheaper than the insurance for a replacement if you drop it in the pool. Check out the demo videos.

If you're shooting IN the water, check out our review of Liquid Image's underwater diving mask and our "Shooting Underwater Video" tips by expert shooter and diver, Michael Reff. For me, the multi-tasker, I need to invest in something, or follow some good "Protecting Your Gear" tips! I was fixing some sprinklers in the yard last summer and I forgot I had my phone in my pocket oops! Another time I was cleaning the pool and talking to my sister on the phone at the same time when the phone slipped into the pool double oops! Awhile ago a friend dropped hers in the toilet, not only destroying the phone but costing a couple hundred in plumbing costs when the device jammed in the U-pipe. Well, as they say: Stuff Happens!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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