Can You Catch Ghosts on Video?

We're all curious about the strange, the unexplained, the unknown… Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that there's something fascinating about the thought that there might be things in this world beyond mortal ken. That's why so many people have dedicated themselves to cataloging and investigating strange phenomena like ghosts and spirits.

Just recently, a few regulars on the Videomaker forums got together to discuss this very topic when someone posted video of what they thought might be a ghost. Not everyone found the footage convincing, but it sparked an interesting discussion about what steps you should take if you're trying to capture evidence of paranormal activity on video. As it turns out, our forum actually houses a few experts on the topic. We asked one, Bruce Paul (our own Birdcat), who happens to be an Investigator and Videographer for Tri-State Paranormal Research, to share his expertise on using video to explore and investigate reports of strange goings-on.

Video Ghost Hunting: Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity is a fun and informative guide for both curious videographers and serious ghost hunters. Ever wondered how to capture video footage of a ghost or something even stranger? Or what evidence it would take to convince someone that they'd discovered something beyond mortal ken? This report will show how to handle video equipment during an investigation so to avoid mistaking mundane details or video artifacts for positive proof. Whether looking for a fun Halloween activity or perhaps thinking of taking up a whole new career as a real-life ghostbuster, the basis for any sort of paranormal investigation is good solid video skills. Learn the essential equipment and procedures to get the most out of the search. This is an essential guide to a fascinating activity. This report was created for anyone who's ever considered using their video skills to seriously investigate the unexplained.

Visit Video Ghost Hunting: Using Video to Investigate Paranormal Activity to download your free report.


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