Sony Sends in New Alpha Cameras: the NEX-F3 and SLT-A37

Let us first take the SLT-A37, this Translucent Mirror Technology camera is another first-step available for those that are curious about DSLRs. Shooting will be a joy with the 1,440,000 dot resolution in the electronic viewfinder, and how would we maintain creativity without a tilting 2.7-inch LCD? As for the core of the SLT-A37, we're looking at a 16MP Exmor APS CMOS sensor with a BIONZ image processor, this is going to be consistent with the strong points of other more expensive Sony cameras, so it becomes great news when we find that the price comes out at $600 with a 18-55mm lens.

The SteadyShot shake reducer is housed in the body of the SLT-A37 and that frees up the A-mount lenses to be constructed without stabilizing mechanisms. There are a couple auto functions to assist the user in some of the more tedious aspects of shooting, such as Auto Portrait Framing which employs the rule of thirds – before you say "there goes my creativity!" Know that the camera will save both the full image and the cropped image. Then there's the 15-point auto focus and auto mode that will adjust settings according to your scene and subjects.

The SLT-A37 has Pixel Super Resolution Technology which should provide two times the focal length without changing lenses, it will require some trial here to see if there is any error, since we're usually leery of digitally zoomed shots. Video capability is up to par with 1920×1080, 60i captured in MP4 on SD or Memory Stick PRO cards. So, ultimately, we definitely would love to see how the SLT-A37 feels to a camcorder convert, and at $600, this is quite attainable.

[image:blog_post:12807] Now for the NEX-F3 we're looking at the same sensor that's found in the SLT-A37, so this is exceptional since the form factor with the lens detached will be suitable for your pocket. This time around, you may use E-mount lenses, and experiment with better battery stamina. This notion of powering electronics is certainly coming to the forefront with other devices, and likely since there's much more power being utilized inside said electronics, and that's really just a long way to say – we like more battery life. Aside from form, the different set of available lenses and an optional OLED attachment, the NEX-F3 shares video and auto capabilities with the SLT-A37. Coincidentally, the price is a repeat here, $600 for the NEX-F3 with the 18-55mm lens. [image:blog_post:12808][image:blog_post:12809]

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