PENTAX K-30 – Adventure With It

Pentax K-30 is a camera that can allow you shooting independence. This DSLR joins a special class of cameras that are capable of both recording quality stills and video and withstanding water and dust. The weather sealing and rubber grip will let you operate the K-30 in the fog of a mountain and down in a dusty desert – both locations would be great for capturing 1080p video and photos. Composing landscape and establishing shots will be most effective with the full frame view coming from the K-30's APS-C CMOS image sensor.

The Prime M image processor is optimized for video and should present you with smooth monitoring. Two more great features found in the body of the K-30 are image stabilizing via the sensor – so no need to have a lens that is stabilized, and an Advanced SAFOX IXi+ autofocusing system good for different lighting situations. If the auto focus weren't enough there, try the 77-increment light metering with a respectable 100-25,600 ISO range. Shooting with the K-30 can really be tailored to your style with two programmable dials and live view focus peaking. These two features should allow you to take control of your image without pulling away from the viewfinder.

If you really can't keep your eye on the viewfinder, the 3-inch 921,000 dotLCD should be ample. In either event, having power options is always nice, Pentax offers an optional battery pack that will accept AA batteries to more than double (that's more than 10 hours of playback) the standard battery's life. [image:blog_post:12800] The full compliment of KAF K-mount lenses (Pentax's lenses) should be applicable with the K-30, as will be your stash of SD/SDHC/SDXC cards.

If for some reason you're interested in capturing audio while trekking the mountains or the desert, be advised that there's no mic input. By the way, if you're tired of having a black camera, the K-30 can also come in blue or white. Pentax's K-30 makes a great bid to become your mid-range DSLR by coming with a 18-55mm lens for $900. [image:blog_post:12801]

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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