CTIA 2012 Spotlight Award Winner: Pop Video Projector

This neat little device is a no-brainer for iPhone using video enthusiasts. For $99 you get a pocket sized projector that fitssnuglyflush with your phone. The Pop Video Projector will give you a 50 inch projected display, or possibly larger in a dark room. It will send a 960×540 image, so better than SD. Considering the size and portability of the Pop Video Projector, we found this impressive.

We wish it also included a speaker, as currently you'll have to either listen using the iPhone's speaker, or bring your own external ones, which would severely hurt the portability of the setup. The battery is an internal lithium-ion rechargeable, which provides up to two hours of use. If you ever had the urge to shoot video and share it on the fly, the Pop Video Projector may be your new best friend.

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelmhttps://www.videomaker.com
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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