CTIA 2012 Spotlight Award Winner: Nokia 808 PureView

[image:blog_post:12825]When we heard about Nokia's 41MP camaera attached to their new 808 PureView phone, we were left scratching our heads. Turns out Nokia is taking the mobile photographer/videographer quite seriously. In addition to the high megapixel count, The 808 PureView features a lens designed under collaboration with Carl Zeiss.

Additionally, the phone offers 4x lossless digital zoom and a new feature called "Nokia Rich Recording" which basically boils down to very high quality sound (1,411 kbit/s). Normally, such a high megapixel camera has pretty atrocious low light noise, but Nokia claims that this isn't the case with the 808 PureView. Finally, the 808 PureView sports full 5.1 channel surround sound playback. We can't wait to get our hands on one to really put it to the test.

Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelmhttps://www.videomaker.com
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