What’s Your Video Style?
Take this quiz for fun and see what style of video best suits your personality.

Agree or disagree with your results?
Tell us why below!

1) What’s your Favorite thing about putting together a video?

A) I like working in a nice quiet studio, where I can devote all my attention to my work.
B) I like working with video tools and equipment. I’m a real hardware fanatic!
C) I like working with people. They fascinate me!
D) I like creating an ambiance, something that will really draw the audience into the movie!
E) I like the action. I’m not happy unless I’m in the center of the storm!
F) I like the chance to be creative, to experiment with new ideas!


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2) What’s the most important thing you look for when you watch a video?

A) I look to see how well it’s technically put together. I appreciate good craftsmanship.
B) It has to look good! People aren’t going to watch it if it looks like it was made by amateurs.
C) I like a good story, something to really make me care about the people on the screen.
D) A good soundtrack! A movie is boring if it doesn’t have a some tunes!
E) I want to see real people in real situations! I want to see how things really happened.
F) Did it teach me something new? I always want to add to my knowledge!

3) If you could pick anyplace in the world to shoot a video, would you choose to shoot:

A) The Great Barrier Reef in Australia?
B) The Roman Catacombs in Italy?
C) The Great Pyramids of Egypt?
D) The Oktoberfest Celebration in Germany?
E) The Running of the Bulls in Spain?
F) Bodie Ghost Town in California?

4) How would you describe yourself?

A) Meticulous and Logical!
B) Dark and Mysterious!
C) An Avid Story-teller!
D) Epic, Bigger than Life!
E) A Romantic at Heart!
F) Curious and Restless!

5) What’s your Biggest Reward in Making Video?

A) The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done.
B) The Appreciation of an Audience
C) Making a difference in the way people see the world.
D) The Chance to do Something Challenging and Creative
E) Seeing People’s Faces when they see themselves in your video
F) Seeing your Work on the Big Screen.

If you answered mostly A, you are an EDITOR. Shooting video is fun, but you have a real appreciation for the craft and artistry that comes afterward. You know that every snip and splice has the potential to make a story come to life, and there’s nothing you like better than turning that raw footage into something compelling.

If you answered mostly B, you are a LIGHTING FANATIC. You know that a video isn’t worth anything if you can’t tell what’s going on in it. Your standards for lighting are strict and your videos benefit from your attention to detail. Whether it’s creating a noir atmosphere with shadows or illuminating an interview subject, you know that lighting is key to interesting, engrossing videos. You’re always up to meet the challenges that other videographers forget to prepare for.

If you answered mostly C, you are a DOCUMENTARIAN. You love storytelling and you can find the story in anything. Whether it’s something as small and silly as a nature film about salamanders or as heartfelt and personal as a family biography, you’re aces at finding those telling moments that illustrate the big picture. You love exploring human drama and you’re not shy about capturing the best and worst– with your camera.

If you answered mostly D, you are a SOUND FANATIC. You’re the person people turn to when they need to capture the soft sounds of birdsong or muffle out the interrupting din from the nearby highway, because you understand how important sound is. When you do your job right, the results are practically invisible. Audiences may not realize why they like your videos, that your perfectly-synced sound effects and carefully selected music are what’s pulling them in, but you know the secret. You’re always up to meet the challenges that other videographers forget to prepare for.

If you answered mostly E, you are an EVENT VIDEOGRAPHER. You’re a daredevil; you like being right in the middle of the action. You don’t shirk from a challenge and you’re not afraid to take on assignments where you only have one shot to get it right weddings, celebrations, speeches, anything where there’s a vortex of activity, you’ll be there with your camera in hand. Action is your watchword!

If you answered mostly F, you are a JACK OF ALL TRADES. You’re always exploring, always searching for something new. You never accept that you’ve learned enough, and you’re always striving to improve your video-making skills. Your creativity and inquisitiveness show through in your videos, which are continuously changing and maturing.

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