New NEX-FS700 Camera Gives You Sony's Super Slow Mo and More

Sony presents a new Super 35mm camera with a load of features that specialize the NEX-FS700U for a lot of different uses. Let's start with some capabilities that the new camera pushes, 960 frames per second makes slow motion possible. The nearly 1,000fps is substantial on its own, but "seen it before" you say? Consider the interchangeable E-mount lenses and 3G HD-SDI you can also use while shooting. To round out the fps compliment of options are 120, 240 and 480.

What makes these processing-heavy functions possible is the 4K "Exmor" Super 35 CMOS sensor which is specialized for high sensitivity and low noise. The 3G HD-SDI and HDMI connections allow for 60p, 60i, 50p, 30p, 25p and 24p. The 3G HD-SDI provides native progressive signals for 29.97, 25 and 23.98 and when combined with the NEX-FS700's range of outputs should cooperate well with your external video recorder. For example, Sony's HXR-FMU 128, as well as SD and Memory Stick cards may be used with this camera. Also not to be forgotten are three internal ND filters, up to 1/64.

[image:blog_post:12938] On a physical note, the NEX-FS700 has a unique handle. It's not only attached with a rosette mount, but secured via a cold shoe and two sets of 1/4 and 3/8-inch holes. With a secure handle, you should feel confident adding heavy attachments, and on the handle are the functions – expanded focus, auto iris, still capture and record. Since you may have lots of equipment going at once, the large buttons should enable you to use gloves and still operate the camera.

Sony alluded to a plan for enabling 4K to travel via 3G HD-SDI when used with a 4K recorder. At least this shows a commitment to this camera, I can't imagine many companies that can afford a $10,000 camera only to buy another in a year or two. The NEX-FS700UK specifically comes with an 18-200mm lens while the body only option will hopefully save you trouble by working with your existing compliment of lenses.

June is the announced date for availability and price listing.

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