NAB 2012: Two Little LED Lights by F&V Light

There's no doubt that having the right lighting makes for better video, but attaining that is the real trick. F&V Light has two LED video lights – Z180 and Z180S – both will add versatility and light to add to your productions. 

First we look at the Z180, it is a 5600K little panel with 180 LEDs and is small enough to combine with the included Kai Arm for camera mounting. The best part about having powerful lights like these is being able to take away that light, and that's made possible by a 0-100 percent dimming dial.[image:blog_post:12924] The color rendering index here will be at least 85 percent stay at 5900K unless you opt for 3200K with the magnetic tungsten filter (no more broken filter mounts!) This light comes in with a beam angle of 65 degrees and illuminance at 1460lx. The brightness doesn't stop there, unless you want it to, the Z180 comes with a diffuser to soften the beams.

 Now we were looking for versatility right, dimmability, filters to soften or alter color temperature, even multiple types of powering options are all well and good, but can other lights mount on one another? With the Expandable Link System a Z180 can be linked to other Z180s and also to other Z180S! Yes, we'll get to the Z180S, but first know that each light may be synced and controlled from one light. Linking these two or more together can also be practical for transporting as well.

[image:blog_post:12925]The Z180S will be most effective when linked together since its biggest feature of adjustable color temperature is also synced up. The difference in the Z180S is less LEDs, half to be exact, but this only equates to a drop of 80lx at 1380lx. Otherwise, the Z180S is equal to the Z180, dimmer knob, power via external DC, Sony NP-F or six AA batteries. The greatest final note for all this is price, $390 for the bi-color Z180S and $370 for the slightly brighter Z180.

Discuss the Z180 and Z180S on the Videomaker forums.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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