NAB 2012 Spotlight: AJA’s T-TAP

Spotlight: AJA's T-TAP

For a little device, the T-TAP will be a very important adapter. It will not only support 10-bit uncompressed video files up to 2K and 3D, but it can transfer those plus 8-channel audio through the HDMI or SDI outputs. The incredibly simple, single input is Thunderbolt, which will draw power from your Mac.

This makes for a grand total of three ports on the T-TAP, input on one side, outputs on the other, and the if you set a one-inch-thick smartphone on your desk, that's about the size of this puppy. [image:blog_post:12854] AJA brings its name in the market of quality I/O in the form of the T-TAP ($249.) [image:blog_post:12855]

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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