NAB 2012: Light Yourself with ViewMe Lights from Videssence

Using webcams or recording from the desk are rarely our preferred locations for shoots, but a big part of that is not having great lighting at our disposal. Videssence must have come up to this instance as well and so they developed the ViewMe S and ViewMe B/B2 lighting kits to help clear things up.

The big idea here is to essentially create a three-point light setup at your desk. To do this, ViewMe provides two soft LED lights that either mount on your computer monitor or a desktop stand. Your third light should be the main overhead light, but either combination will help you look better than the glow from your monitor combined with any background light.

The lights are 3000K give off no glare and give you a nice indirect light the Osram/Sylvania HF2 Narrow Stick LED lamp is the source within the fixture. As long as you lay the long side of the light against your monitor, the setup will extend 3.5-inches, whereas if you choose the stands, the footprint will be a 4-inch diameter and 14-20-inch height. The brackets used with the ViewMe B lights use a Velcro attachment, are tiltable and should ensure that the lights stay close enough to an outlet, even if you only have a two prong outlet available. (I can think of a few student films in which my only power options were two prong sockets, where were these then!)

With either of the two-light kits, you'll need to keep the lights fairly close since they need a cable to be powered. The 3.4W light is very efficient, has a 85CRI and should last 50,000 hours. At a price of $115 for the single ViewMe light, $195 for the ViewMe B2 and $249 for the ViewMe lights on stands, this is an incredible deal for a regular webcam user.

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Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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