NAB 2012 Best Support: Zacuto's Recoil - Stabilizer

Best Support – Zacuto Recoil Stabilizer

The support is only as good as the operator, and in this case it is you, the idea with the Recoil is that the camera will rest on your shoulder. It combines the Gorilla Baseplate which uses both 3/8 and 1/4-inch screws.

What's special about the Recoil is mounting the camera directly on top of the shoulder, to do this you need the Q-Release. You won't find this on any other support, and it has the ability to shift the center of balance and will work best with camera packages measuring up to three feet. [image:blog_post:12876][image:blog_post:12877]

With simple quality, Zacuto has charmed us again with the Recoil, and for$1,375, this support will help you get the job done. [image:blog_post:12878]

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