NAB 2012 Best Editing Software: Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 6

Best Editing Software: Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite 6 – Editing Suite Adobe

You know, what you're waiting on is CS6 and rightly so, it will be a very strong presence in the video editing world for good reason, such as a clean and easy to use interface and good utilization of 64-bit processing. The suite combines big names like Premiere, Audition, Photoshopand After Effects with many more for a package that gives video professionals and enthusiasts an extensive group of tools.

Their emphasis this time around is to speed up your editing, allowing for hover scrubbing within windows, better/more intuitive performance in Audition and uninterrupted playback in Premiere. Another welcome expansion will be found in multicam editing and color correcting.

There's plenty more new features to discover, and as for pricing, we can't be sure, but to get into the ballpark, CS5.5 is $1,700 and upgrades are about $400. [image:blog_post:12883] [image:blog_post:12884]

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  1. Surprised you didn’t mention how great FCP 10 is. I took the certification course for FCP 10 at NAB and everyone in the class was amazed at the flexibility, speed and ease of the software. People in the class kept asking why anyone would complain about it or use anything else out there. And then look at the price of FCP 10 and when you package it with the $50 Motion app – it is absolutely the best software out there!