NAB 2012 Best Accessory: Roland R26 Portable 6 Track Audio Recorder

Best accessory – Roland R26 Portable 6 Track Audio Recorder

We know first hand how useful handheld field recorders are, and the R-26 is sure to be a valuable tool for any videographer. Being able to record six tracks may seem like overkill for video, but it's actually three stereo and will make it great for interviews and still allow for recording an on-camera mic or ambient mic. The recordings come in as WAVE/BWF or MP3 and use SD cards.

As for inputs to compliment the built-in XY mic, the R-26 sports two phantom powered combo XLR and TRS jacks as well as a plug-in powered miniature mic. [image:blog_post:12866] [image:blog_post:12867] The body of this recorder has two prominent knobs for adjusting volume, which is much preferred to camcorders or other recorders that use an on screen button or side wheel. Overall, the R-26 screams efficient functionality, and sometimes, that's just what we want.[image:blog_post:12868]

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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