SXSW - South by Southwest Film Festival is here.

Austin Texas is the place to be next week with the South by Southwest Music, Internet and Film Festival. Better known as SXSW, beginning on the 9th, people from all over the world will join together for a fabulously good time with great music and inspiring movies. Besides the Festival events cinematographers will have the chance to attend several meet-n-greet events and seminars. Nikon is partnering with The Bui Brothers who are going to be running a session on how to shoot a music video.

What's cool is that it will incorporate Nikon's latest gear – the D800 and D4 – and will feature a live band, a local group from Austin called The Statesboro Revue. The check out MAXONs free show. Motion graphics company MAXON along with Austin Motion Graphics Meetup is sponsoring a free event with presentations from motion graphics rockstars Nick Campbell and TRON: Legacy VFX artist, David Lewandowski. NewTek will be delivering many of the live events through their awesome live production and streaming process at the event and to the web with broadcasts of SXSW itself along with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Gibson Guitars, GeekBeat Live and TechCrunch.

The festival started in 1987 as a music festival to draw headliners to the eclectic music scene in the middle of Texas. In 1994 they added film and interactive elements and the SXWS has become one of the major film festivals to show, attend see and be seen on the levels of Sundance Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and Cannes in France. Many films have their debut screening at SXWS before moving on to other festivals and, for the hopeful, commercial success.


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Among this year's films are 8 documentary films competing from more than 800 submissions, 8 narrative features from more than 900 submissions as well as a showing of festival favorites from other premiere, animated, documentary and narrative shorts, and what looks like a fun event: "Midnighters" – scary, funny or controversial movies playing for a night owl crowd.

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The SXSW festival runs March 9th through the 17th and it's not too late to register , although access to all events will hit you at more than a thousand dollars, you can still get tickets to the Film Festival for $595. (Of course, accommodations might be difficult if you havent booked yet!)

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