ClickBerry Editor is One Program You Need to Know

Video is traditionally a sit-back-and-watch type of media. Not so with the ClickBerry Editor from Actio-Media. This editing program allows viewers to interact with your video, click on links for information or make decisions. For example, you shoot a 24-year-old friend's birthday party and just like you would tag that friend in a photo, you could create a hyperlink to their profile so that others may learn more about the birthday boy or girl. (You're still a boy or girl at 24, right?)

Many businesses will seek to connect your clicks on objects in the frame, such as people or products, like invisible buttons that will open up new tabs with pertinent information. Of course, creativity will come in handy, since I foresee scavenger hunts, trivia games and great reference tools here. There's no telling what the producer will send you to. And I do mean "send you" because, upon clicking one of the hyperlinked objects in a video, a new tab pops up while the video continues, it has a good chance of becoming distracting if you don't pause the video at the same time as your click.

The reality here is that businesses are constantly looking to get a message delivered to an interested audience, if you do come across a video edited with ClickBerry Editor, expect a well directed ad, but hey, what better way to reach exactly the intended audience? The other inherent aspect of videos with interaction are replays, and online video already does this very well. One of the examples brings up choose-your-own-adventure as a very interactive video, and another starts with multiple decisions, the more often the video will be played again and again, just to find out all the differentscenarios. Promoted for its simplicity and three-step publishing, it is up for you to decide just how you want to use ClickBerry Editor.

ClickBerry Editor costs $289 and comes with 10GB of cloud storage. There is also a free app for Facebook making it as easy as possible to share with people you know.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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