What are the Best Video Formats for Online Distribution?

How can you choose the best video format to make sure that people view and spread your work over the Internet? Find out with our new free guide, What's the best video format for online distribution?

So you've just finished completing the world's next blockbuster and you want to get your baby on the web fast. The most important preparation is choosing how to format it for the web. Our newest free report explains video formats for the beginning to intermediate user — what the different video formats are and which are the best video formats for web distribution. You'll learn the strengths and weaknesses of MOVs, AVIs, FLVs, WMVs, and MP4s, so you can make an informed choice when you decide how the online world will see your movie.

Whether it's a question of finding the best compression for YouTube or choosing a format that allows your users to interact with the video, there is a video format out there for your exact purposes. Choosing the best video format for web distribution is absolutely vital for getting people to watch your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing websites. We asked filmmaker/videographer Chelsey Grasso to decipher the mysteries of getting the best compression for YouTube and the web. Download this all new free report to have all the different video formats explained in plain English. You'll never have to worry about your format choices adversely affecting your finished productions again.


  • Sharing Your Video Masterpiece with the World
  • Why Video Formats Are Important
  • Getting Down to Business: The Types of Video Formats
  • Common Mistakes in Choosing a Video Format
  • Tips for Selecting the Best Video Format in Any Situation
  • Video Formatting: Wrapping It Up
  • Additional Resources

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