CES 2012 – Corel Designs RAW Photo Editing Application Dubbed AfterShot

Corel, a company that has a long history in the photo editing world, has released a new RAW photo editing application called AfterShot Pro for $99. The coolest part? The program will work on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Basically, no matter what operating system you're using, Corel's got you covered.

This new release is in direct competition with other RAW photo editing software such as Aperture and Lightroom and seems to be based in part off a previous Linux photo editing software named Bibble. The program is basically a complete RAW workflow, a fast and flexible photo management system, and an advanced non-destructive adjustment tool all in one. Some features of the program include selective editing, where you can apply adjustments using unique Layers and Regions similar to the way that a mask would work in Photoshop, heal and clone tools for removing dust and blemishes, and something Corel calls Perfectly Clear which automatically adjusts lighting for ever pixel in the shot without clipping any information.

The software will also be using Metadata to let you search for photos by camera settings, keywords, tags, and more in a similar fashion as Adobe Bridge and LightRoom.They've also included something called Noise Ninja that reduces noise while supposedly preserving detail in an image. Lastly, Corel also allows for batch outputs so that you can process images while getting other, more important work done.

Aftershot Pro will cost $99 and is already available on Corel's site for a free trial download.

With support for Linux, this program could very well be the most popular RAW processing tool on that platform and at a price of only $99, it has potential on Mac and Windows as well. Only time and some experience will tell!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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