BenQ Set to Ship 1080p 3D Projector at the Beginning of This Year

We haven't traditionally reported much from BenQ's line of products but their newest product did much to catch our eyes. They've just introduced a 1080p 3D projector called the W7000 at CES this year. The catch? The product will cost almost $4,000 – making it an enemy of your pocketbook. However, there are some features about the projector that may make you think twice before putting the pocketbook away.

The W7000 boasts 2,000 lumens of brightness, a 50,000:1 contrast ratio (which we'll have to see to believe), frame interpolation, and support for the newest HDMI video standard called 1.4a. This means the projector can playback 3D content. The projector is also compliant to the Rec. 709 color gamut which should make RED shooters happy and can do lens shift adjustments of up to 125 percent vertical and 40 percent horizontal without any vertical offset.

Lastly, the projector comes with a Panamorph lens capability that allows viewers to watch 2.35:1 aspect-format video at maximum resolution with no image distortion or letterboxing. I, for one, am still holding out for a set of projectors that have polarized lenses for passive 3D viewing (honestly, who really enjoys having powered active shutter glasses), but if you can't wait to have all the benefits and drawbacks of 3D HD in your home, then you can get your hands on this piece of hardware for just $4,000.

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Dan Bruns is an award winning cinematographer and editor.