Swim with the Swann Freestyle HD Action Video Camera

The Swann Freestyle HD Action Video Camera should be appearing on the shoulder of some science fiction machine since its lens alone lacks character. The clear, waterproof casing somehow makes it alien, but it might feel right at home with you and certainly comfortable with it's assortment of mounts, detachable display and strength to endure the pressure of 65 feet of water. Then if you feel like getting away from the Freestyle HD, leave it somewhere with a good vantage point and activate it with your voice or a remote.

If you were thinking of hiding it, store it in a cool dark place, because it only comes in black. Now for what you're really reading for, the Freestyle HD shoots an effective 8 MP at up to 1080p and 30fps. Video gets stored on a microSD card and may be retrieved via USB and HDMI. Don't expect it to grab the biggest, fastest images – the frame rate is standard, and the digital zoom is 3x.

There is lots of fun to be had with such a small and mobile camera. Be sure to pass the time away, up to 2.5 hours, using the still camera function and the 1.5 LCD display. The screen sounds small, but it does provide immediate playback unlike the Contour from the same field. While detaching the waterproof casing limits the locations to shoot from, the Freestyle HD slims down in a hurry, especially when combined with one of the low profile mounts.

Two different flat mounts are included for use with various boards. Another mount encourages your safety by attaching to your helmet, just one more reason not to forget it. The package is all in all very versatile, with the mounts, display and casing detachable, the dimensions will be adaptable for many situations, and the price is just as competitive as you are. $280

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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