Matthews DC-SLIDER: It's a Slider - a Tower - a Jib - and so much more!

Just announced from the NAB show floor, the Matthews Studio Equipment Inc. DC-Slider. A unique, precision, counter-balanced, multi-function, variable-angled camera platform that can create far more than a smooth horizontal camera movement. One platform will take any camera up to 22-pounds on an exciting ride across, up and down, over and, everywhere else – to get that perfect shot.

Mount the DC-Slider on a single tripod or placed on level or uneven surfaces. The constant counter balance feature will always maintain a uniform pressure for smooth camera movement throughout the full tracking length of 63-inches (160cm).

Combine the slider with the mini-jib function and the DC-Slider now captures a wide range of vertical images. No matter how acute the angle, the counter balance system will keep the camera steady and stable. The positive locking adjustment allows for camera placement at exact vertical or off-axis positioning.

Remove and reposition two handles and DC-Slider becomes a tower allowing for an exact vertical camera move through the full range of the 63-inches (160cm). The counter balance system maintains a steady resistance to camera moves allowing for unprecedented smoothness from start to finish.

DC-Slider can also become a Mini-Jib. In this mode it allows for a horizontal working diameter of 63-inches (160cm). Locking the counter balance ensures unvarying movements through the full range of the jib arms capabilities. An easy adjustment of the parallelogram bar will allow the camera to stay locked on a subject through the range of vertical travel.

DC-Slider will accommodate a wide range of camera styles up to the maximum weight of 22-pounds (10Kg). The maximum and minimum of operating heights are dependent on the height of the tripod chosen.

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