ARRI Announces the Alexa M Camera at NAB

Wow! Another great find at NAB.

Re-defining digital acquistion in the last year, ARRI‘s Alexa camera system provides stunning imagery and has proven to be easy to use and and reliable. The ARRI Alexa M model will feature the same exceptional image quality that has made Alexa popular.

Having a separate small and low weight head connected with a fiber optic cable to its body, The ARRI Alexa M offers the greatest flexibility when used on lightweight 3D setups. Images, sound and metadata can be recorded onto SxS cards or on external recording devices, offering different kinds of workflows. Alexa M has a PL mount, works with all existing 35mm lenses and is compatible with a wide range of ARRI accessories.

The Alexa M camera system is designed for mobile 2D and 3D camera configurations, offering the same unparalleled image quality, reliability and workflow options as all other cameras in the Alexa product range, explained ARRI managing director Martin Prillmann, “Serial production and sales release of the Alexa M to all customers will commence during the first quarter of 2012.

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