Stay Tuned for Videomaker’s First Best of NAB Awards!

Well, it’s NAB season and bigger sensors, better sound quality, and cheaper prices are once again all the rave. This is the time of year where companies can announce their cool new gear that they’ve been working feverishly on around the world. To reward companies for their great achievements and to help you separate the spectacular from the mundane, Videomaker will be handing out their first Best of NAB awards next week at the show in Las Vegas. Here is our list of categories:

  • Best Computer
  • Best Camcorder
  • Best HDSLR
  • Best Lighting Gear
  • Best Microphone
  • Best Monitor
  • Best Software
  • Best Tripod or Camera Support
  • Most Innovative
  • Best of Show

As you can see, we’ll be giving out awards for everything from hard drives to camcorders so stay tuned to check out our blogs and see which companies are doing the moving and the shaking this year!

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