Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 from Videomaker

At its best, video editing is a detailed-oriented task that is tedious, takes up long hours alone and delivers extreme satisfaction that others dont often seem to appreciate. But we love it and wouldnt have it any other way. At its worst, video editing is a long drawn-out process full of technical frustrations, format and codec confusion, and dozens of little gotchas sprinkled throughout to trip us up when we least expect it. But we love it and wouldnt have it any other way. Or would we? Even if youve been editing on the same program for years, you could use a refresher on techniques you forgot about or tricks and shortcuts you never knew possible in your editing program. Well, here it is: Videomaker to the rescue. Videomaker is proud to announce a new training series were offering that is software specific for a variety of editing software programs. First in the series, The Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, video editing software training. This training DVD contains the same HD footage the instructor is using for demos, so you can follow along step-by-step. These information-packed lessons include tips and techniques for Starting a Project, Organizing Media, Sequences, Editing, Effects, Audio, Creating Titles Output, Encore CSR Dynamic Link and On Location. This is not a slight dumbed-down touch-the-surface video; this is a fully packed 8 and a half-hours of intensive lessons. Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is just the first in the series, our next training video, Basic Training for Apple Final Cut Studio 2, will be coming soon and will include lessons on such techniques as Color Correction, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, LiveType and more. Youve asked for it Videomaker delivers. Check the link to buy your training DVD now. Its well worth the price to enhance your video editing experience.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.


  1. Apart from the live shots and amateurish screen capture, i am a total newbie but i am keen to get start with cs4 any sugestion where to start for someone totally new??


  2. well, bklin, you’re at the right place. Besides this training DVD, which is pretty complete, Videomaker offers several ways to learn and a plethora of tools to learn from. You can go to our forums and find subjects related to your needs and ask questions there. Our forums moderators and members are quite knowledgeable and helpful. Find that link here:

    There also a lot of other ways to learn and you’ll find some ideas from Videomaker on our training resources page that includes books and DVDs as well as our online webinars and on0site workshops:

    And then we have a lot of Educational Resources, too, that list other companies that train video producers:

    And then, of course, this “Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4” that Videomaker offers is very complete and very thorough.. it’s well worth the price.

    This is a start – we wish you the best – video editing has a big editing curve when you start out, but is well worth the time learning how.

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