What Is Your Favorite?

What genre is your favorite? And even more so, why is it your favorite?

Throughout the years nothing has moved me quite like the documentary genre. The emotion is real and the stories develop right before your very eyes. I believe that the documentary genre is great to use as a reference for up and coming video enthusiasts. Documentaries like commercials, should be viewed by newbies with a watchful eye. One of the reasons is that a lot of ground is generally covered when making a documentary. Everything from how to properly capture audio, to getting creative shots that tell a story.

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  1. Film Noir hands down. ‘Adult Storytelling’ at its sharpest. Though it originates from the immediate post-WWII years, the dark sense of imminent danger and urgency can be applied to any time period. I think ‘newbies’ as you called them should include Film Noir flicks on their ‘to watch list’ because they are excellent examples of how to keep a narrative plot focused. In the ‘Noir’ genre, your writing, shooting and editing have to stay in sync for the story to make sense and keep a high level of suspense. If at any time one or more of those elements go ‘off the rails’ from that point on, you’ll lose your audience and won’t get ’em back! Great examples of Film Noir to watch are; The Maltese Falcon, China Town, Devil in a Blue Dress and L.A. Confidential.

  2. Film Noir is one of my old school favorites. There is nothing like telling real stories that don’t need to fall into the hollywood formula where everything has a happy ending. And yes Derek this is a preview of what is coming up