New Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit - Just $99!

The Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit includes the Smooth Tone, Pixel Fixer, and DV Fixer filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6 – for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Motion, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

Smooth Tone
BCC Smooth Tone smoothes or softens an image while preserving the important detail contrast areas. With the advent of HD image technology, an image result may often be “too sharp”. What this means is that certain areas in the image, such as the pores on a subject’s skin, may become too prominent. The Smooth Tone filter applies a complex image smoothing-algorithm to these areas in the image but does not affect extreme specular highlights or catch-lights. This results in smoother skin tones while preserving important areas of detail contrast.

Pixel Fixer
BCC Pixel Fixer repairs pixels in the image that are the result of dust on a camera lens or imaging sensor. Digital video and still photography, while making it easier to have immediate access to source material, come with some disadvantages versus film source material. One common disadvantage is with the camera’s image sensor. Sometimes pixels on the sensor stop working – with the result of “bad” pixels in the image. Instead of clone-painting to remove or disguise the bad pixel in each frame, the BCC Pixel Fixer automates this process. Simply center one of the source points in the filter over the bad pixel and it is removed from every frame in the clip. This fast-to-render filter includes source points to remove up to 10 “bad” pixels per filter instance.

DV Fixer
BCC DV Fixer softens or removes diagonal stair-step artifacts (aka jaggies) from an image clip while protecting other areas of the image from the softening process. The filter uses proprietary algorithms to detect visible aliased diagonal edges that are typically found in DV clips and then processes the pixels only along these edges to achieve a smooth artifact-free result. The filter is easy to use and features on-screen view modes; this enables you to fine-tune the detected jaggy edges prior to performing any image processing.

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