Elemental Technologies Releases Elemental Server, Reshapes The Economics of Online Video

Elemental Technologies, the leading provider of massively parallel video processing solutions, today announced the release of Elemental Server, the world's first GPU-based transcoding appliance. Elemental Server's breakthrough technology enables faster than real time, simultaneous encoding of video files targeting the comprehensive specifications required for the three-screen experience of TV, PC and mobile. Delivering high-speed encoding and premium video output using GPUs (graphics processing units), Elemental Server can replace multiple CPU-only solutions for a fraction of the price, ensuring immediate capital and maintenance cost savings. With video consumption skyrocketing and predicted to comprise 90 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2012, companies require encoding technology that leapfrogs current CPU-only solutions. Elemental Server's innovative multi-GPU system can simultaneously process and encode video to multiple resolutions and bitrates and provides support for all major adaptive bit rate standards. "Content distributors are experiencing rising demand for all types of video and Elemental Server is ideally suited to address this trend, said Sam Blackman, CEO and chairman of Elemental Technologies. "The shift towards massively parallel computing opens new frontiers in the video processing landscape, and we are proud to introduce Elemental Server as the first of many enterprise-class, GPU-accelerated video processing solutions we are bringing to market. Companies not only focused on delivering online video content, but a broad range of broadcast networks, mobile operators and government agencies are deploying Elemental Server into their workflows to efficiently deliver more online video content with immediate benefits in price/performance and transcoding versatility. Elemental Server is designed to fit into existing workflows with crucial video processing features including: Simultaneous processing of up to four 1080p or 24 standard definition video transcodes in real time. Support for concurrent processing of multiple resolutions and bitrates on a single system, simplifying the requirements for creating Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) content and streamlining the overall content production process. Dense transcoding that completely replaces multiple CPU-only hardware and software systems, allowing a single Elemental Server to replace up to seven dual quad-core CPU-only systems. Flexible output support for today's most popular codecs including MPEG-2, VC-1 and H.264, as well as support for a wide variety of output containers including F4V, ASF, WMV, 3GP, and MP4. Elemental Server is the first product available in a family of GPU-accelerated solutions currently in development. Elemental Server is available for sale directly from Elemental. Learn more about Elemental Server at www.elementaltechnologies.com/server.