Tips for Composing, Lighting, and Shooting Corporate Videos

Recently, Videomaker completed our popular Basic Production Techniques webinar and we couldn't be more pleased with the turn-out. There were so many good questions, but, unfortunately, not enough time to answer them all. Here, at Videomaker, we value every question presented and aim to answer each one of them. One question we were unable to answer within the allotted time was regarding basic tips for composing, lighting, and shooting a talking-head corporate video.

Great composition is vital to any video production. Generally, you always want to observe the rule of thirds. If you divide your frame into three equal parts, both vertically and horizontally, you'll end up with a basic guideline for good composition. The goal here is to place your subject, or points of interest, on one of the intersections within your imaginary grid. In the case of shooting a talking-head, you will want to place the subjects eyes on an intersection located in the upper-third of the grid. If you can't fit your entire subject into the frame, be sure to crop the top of the head and not the chin.


Since corporate videos are pretty straightforward, you don't need to create an extravagant lighting scheme. A basic 3-point lighting setup a key light, fill light, and hair light should do the trick.

As for basic shooting tips, you want to be sure to keep your video interesting. Ten minutes of a static talking-head will be boring to most audiences. Be sure to shoot a variety of angles and shot types. Cut-aways and B-roll are a great way break from the talking head, and will be helpful in covering any jump cuts you may have when editing. Remember, it's always better to shoot too much, than to be wishing you had more options once you begin post production.

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