Switronix Releases NEW DSLR Stabilizer and Power Solutions

Shooting quality video from a DSLR camera can be a tricky task. The DSLR Pro stablizer line from Switronix can help you obtain great video and stills to enhance your video projects.

Keeping up with Industry changes and listening to clients demands, Switronix has released today a line of DSLR Stablizers, and power solutions to assist those using Canon 5D/7D and Panasonic Lumix GH1 as well as other DSLR Cameras to aquire HD video footage and stills.

The DSLR PRO stabilizer line has evolved from the successful video stabilizers Switronix offers. One of the main difficulties in using a video stabilizing bracket for DSLR shooting is bringing the viewfinder to eye level. Switronix has recognized this and has elevated the camera base plate mount so the shooter will not need to strain to use the camera’s viewfinder. Other features include; 3 Axis adjustment to position the camera, and a conforming aluminum shoulder brace. The DSLR PRO stablizers start at $279.

Also introduced are two power cables for the Canon 5D/7D and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 DSLRs. The XP-DSLR-C and XP-DSLR-P power cables allow you to power the cameras as well as an accessory(monitor, camera light, etc.) from a 12v power source with a built in regulator. The XP-DSLR cables are $135.
All products are available immediately.
For more information visit www.switronix.com

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