iPhone 3GS Now Powers Free Personal Video Channel Publishing

How many apps do you have on your iPhone? Heres one more that, you as a video producer, would love to have. We know youve been busy shooting and editing and have lots of video to share, so why not check out Magnify Mobile?

Now with Magnify.nets new iphone app, its easy, fun and its FREE!
Magnify.nets new iPhone app is about to remake the personal video syndication industry. For the first time, an iPhone app will enable iPhone users to shoot, upload, store, and share videos. For free. The app, Magnify Mobile, provides a simple, easy way for iPhone 3GS users to submit videos to channels that they can create for free on Magnify.net. Magnifys platform provides for easy search, sort, and delivery of video based on a sites niche interests whether Native American videos, real estate, travel, gardening or skateboarding and enables discovery and ranking for both relevance and entertainment value.

Magnify Mobile is an extension of Magnifys platform, which enable websites including Weather.com; Zappos.com; New York magazine as well as on-demand video tools such as Boxee to curate video in a way that is relevant to users specific interests. The companys roots lie in television and documentary film production, and the Magnify Mobile app combines the best approaches of user-generated video content with online publishing and advertising tools.

iPhone 3GS users can instantly submit videos to their Magnify Channel, and users can submit videos from other sources to be added to their Magnify channels.
This means that your favorite sport, or team, or club, or hobby can have it’s own channel, and with a bit of extra work (also free) it can be on your home TV on Boxee or another media center.

iPhone 3GS users can submit videos from other sources to their Magnify channels. Magnify Mobile provides users with greater levels of customization than traditional social networks, such as Facebook, as users design and layout their individual channels to fit their personal tastes. Whether for a personal hobby, club, sports team, or hobby, users can also customize for free – their Magnify channels for syndication on their home TV or personal media center, such as Boxee.

Magnify Mobile is initially available on the iTunes App Store, and will eventually be developed for other smartphone platforms, including Blackberry and Android.

Reprinted from a magnify.net press release.

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