New Envivio 4Caster C4 HD Encoder/Transcoder

Reprinted from a Envivio press release

Envivio Inc., announced today the newest member of its Convergence Series video encoders/transcoders with the introduction of its 4Caster C4 HD. By increasing measurable video quality by as much as 35 percent over previous generations and substantially reducing HD bit rate requirements below 6 Mbps, the 4Caster C4 HD offers significant practical advantages to telcos, IPTV service providers and broadcasters. The 4Caster C4 HD will be on display at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam, Stand 1.D72, September 11-15 and SET 2009 Broadcast and Cable in Sao Paolo, Brazil, August 26-28, Booth 76.

Telco and IPTV service providers can use the increased quality at very low bit rates to deliver HD service across greater distances on DSL networks, thereby reducing the cost to upgrade their networks while delivering service to more subscribers. Broadcasters can use the 4Caster C4 HD to optimize the usage of their fixed bandwidth capacity, taking advantage of the lower bit rate requirements to add more channels to their offering or to increase the apparent quality of their existing channels. The push to lower bit rates is also the precursor for enabling true HD resolution Internet TV services.

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