Read Our Lips: No More Plastic!

Are you frustrated by overkill plastic packaging thats impossible to open? The annoying plastic casings were familiar with are designed to stop counterfeiting, tampering and theft, while ensuring visibility of the product and brand. But, besides being so difficult to open, the costs to create and assemble the packaging are often more than those of the product itself.
MeadWestvaco Corporation ( has a solution that eliminates a lot of the plastic, freeing the planet of needless waste and freeing our hands from the cuts and scratches as we attempt to open these plastic cocoons. MWVs product, Natralock, is a sustainable alternative to traditional hard-to-open plastic clamshells and is now being used by many companies like SanDisk. The packaging features a security technology that emits an audible alarm when the package is tampered with or if the ink circuit is broken. Natralock is made from sustainable paperboard and uses 60 percent less plastic on average than clamshells. We applaud MeadWestvaco for their efforts to add a little bit less to the garbage heap every year.

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