Free Free Free. Public Domain Footage

Check out this blog we discovered on WebTV Wire. It’s a fabulous collection of different sites where you can find free public domain footage.

The blog, “Free Online Stock Video Footage – 9 of the Best Domain Video Resources” was compiled by Michael Pick a few years ago, and is a good resource for anyone who needs to grab some old military footage, cartoons or commercials as well as NASA space pix and other footage that is open to Creative Commons non-commercial use.

Just an FYI: The seventh source in this list, Stage6, is no longer delivering public domain footage.

[image:blog_post:13819]For more free stuff, the Videomaker editors have compiled a listing of free sound FX on our site.

Some are terrific, natural and just the perfect fit; others are a bit fake sounding, cheesy, or sound too electronic, but hey, it’s free sound effects, and one just might fill that 2-second audio void perfectly.

I’ve personally used a few of these SoundFX when I needed just that touch of outdoor bird sounds to boost a too-quiet scene. I tickled in a simple wind-chime to add to the effect. I also used a restaurant “conversations and utensils tinkling” sound FX to play under a scene I was editing when referencing a fire in a restaurant where I only had the after-the-crime still photos. It added a eerie haunting feel to the scene.

Check them out.

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