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The analog switch is done. Like the Y2K scare, the sky did not fall and the machines did not take over. We’ve said all we’re going to say about it. It is History. However, it IS a big moment in history, as video has been around for 6 decades, most of us are acutely connected to television transmission. As video creators, we producers are even more connected. So in honor of this historic day, We’d like to invite our video producing community to share a few tidbits about themselves.

I would like to ask you who you are, why you’re producing video, when did you get started, and what you’re doing now.

Videomaker is beginning a new series called Reader Profiles that is a short snapshot of selected Videomaker readers. We want to know what your equipment looks like, what type of videos you produce and how you got into the video creation business. Are you happy? Do you have any goals or ideals youd like to share?

Our readers often express their curiosity about other readers, but many of us tend to be singular in our lone-wolf producing techniques. Sharing our skills and ideas helps all of us become stronger producers.

To participate in our reader profile series, email us at editor@videomaker.com, and use Reader Profile in the subject line. Are you a hobbyist? Event producer? Do you make training videos? Wedding videos? Family Fun videos? Tell us in a 500-700 word essay about you and your video production work. Along with your profile, send a printable photo of you and another one of your rig the entire setup! Tell us what each piece of gear is, so we can show other readers what you use, including camcorder, tripod, lights, computer, editing software and any other equipment you use for producing videos.

The photos must be at least 300DPI, and we prefer them in JPEG format. If you have a website, please supply the link, or, if you can link us to videos youve produced elsewhere, you can supply that, too, but its not necessary.

Here is a link to our first submission, aviation enthusiast Henry Tenby.

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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