Metacafe's Producer's Awards Program closed

You may have read about Metacafe in the annals of our magazine and website; it was a great resource for videographers to make money with online content. In fact, recently, (like just last week,) we did a Making Money vidcast focused on several revenue sharing sites, including Metacafe.

An alert reader posted a message to us that Metacafe is no longer offering it’s Producer’s Rewards program. We work on our vidcasts a few weeks in advance of their posting, and did some extensive research on this story, but as the crossed-in-the-mail moments happen, Metacafe’s announcement of pulling came about the same time as our vidcast completed.

While the Producer’s Rewards program will be ending June 30th, Metacafe says it will still be posting videos. The working model just isn’t generating enough revenue to pay the producers.

Making money in the video-creation business is actually fairly new, considering the fact that camcorders have been around for 3 decades now. Other than weddings and a few small-business opportunities, small-to-mid sized video production gigs were hard to come by. The internet has changed that, but video sharing in the internet is still in its infancy and therefore is still a moving target. We’re sorry to see this wonderful revenue-sharing outlet for video producer go away, and will keep you alerted to other programs when we hear about them.


Videomaker has partnered with Says Me TV, which is a great program for videographers looking into earning money locally. For instance, the program helps small businesses find a video producer for local TV ads, without the need to go to larger more-expensive production houses. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

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Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.